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Winner: Best Film, Best Actress (Chloe Rosenthal), & Best Actor (Levi Anderson)
2014 Killer Valley Horror Film Festival

Among the lights and sounds of the city a predator roams night clubs and bars searching for victims for his sexually twisted fantasies. Even people with normal everyday jobs have their secrets that they hide from the rest of the world.

Written & Directed: Ron Huffstutter
Cinematography: Mo Sultan
Music: Ario Brooks
Starring: Levi Anderson, Chloe Rosenthal, Kurk Kasparian, Blood F. Mess


Winner: Best Special FX - 2014 Killer Valley Horror Film Festival

Go inside a zombie's head in this trippy 3 minute film, as a girl who's bitten descends into madness while changing into a zombie.

Written, Directed & Edited: Ross Williams
Cinematography: Levi Anderson
SFX Makeup: Meredith Roberts & Matt Hendrix
Music: David Helpling
Mad Girl: Mig Windows
Mad Girl's Double: Lia Catherine Weston
Zombies: Alex Williams, Nic Lanier

Self Inflicted

Short dark-romantic-comedy just released from XRATS Productions. "Jim's just a regular guy, except for his masochistic tendencies, who's looking for Ms. Right. Can he control his destructive urges long enough to find her? "

Starring: Levi Anderson, Danielle Kelly, Brian LeBlanc, Mig Windows & Jasmine Drake
Directed & Edited by Ross Williams
Written by Kristopher Horton
Produced by Ross Williams & Levi Anderson
Director of Photography: Jared Cruce


Winner: Best Film, Best Director (Alex Williams), & Best Actor (Luis Rodriguez)
2013 Killer Valley Horror Film Festival

The short film above is a brand-new release, Masked, directed by Alex Williams, starring Luis Rodriguez, and shot by Levi Anderson. The film will had it's worldwide premiere and won Best Film at the 2013 Killer Valley Horror Film Festival on March 23rd, 2013, and was released online on March 29th.